For centuries, humankind has studied the direct relationship between their individual personal energy and the universal energy which encompasses them. Chinese culture is dedicated to the practice and understanding of how to cultivate these natural energies in order to produce balance, nourishment and LUCK.

I believe that I am an extension of this dedication.

I have examined Chinese numerology, earth elements, favorable colors, navigational / gravitational directions, and animals. Every day, week, month and year, I apply my knowledge of these practices to my own life and happily share this gift with many others.

I have trained with generational Master Carvers. I have traveled generational routes around the world to source stone / material. I have endured the rigors of top level academia in the fields of jadeite, carving, sourcing and gemstones.

I always strive to be the best I can be.
I am GOOD at what I do, and I was not born with LUCK.

My accomplishments are both great and small, and are entirely mine. They arise from a vigilant practice of always trying to reach for the best… and then a little beyond. Being GOOD is just part of a success. Having good LUCK? Well that makes the end result just a bit sweeter. My passion for free diving led me to fishing which led me to a GOOD LUCK catch, a 190 pound yellow fin Tuna. A rare catch indeed for even those whom have fished a lifetime longer than me. It was a culmination of my knowledge of the sea, the currents, the location and LUCK!

At Jade by Nikolai, our expert training, passion, knowledge, devotion and love for the Jadeite stone defines our collection. Our collection allows us to share the Ancient Chinese methodologies of positive energy, balance, welcomed recognition and all other amazing gifts bestowed upon us by our Universe.

It is with the utmost gratitude that I share this knowledge, wisdom, insight, tradition and beautifully humble living stone.

The Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association (HKJJA) is the forerunner of export promotions for the jewellery and jade industry in Hong Kong. Early in 1965, our founders successfully persuaded the US government to lift the embargo on the jade products from Hong Kong. Since then, Hong Kong jade products with a certificate of origin are allowed to enter the US market. Our founders’ contribution had laid the foundation for HKJJA’s future services for the jewellery, jade and gemstone industry.

Since it’s inception in 1981, AGTA’s Membership has grown to over 1,000 Members in the United States and Canada. AGTA Members agree to the disclosure of gemstone enhancements on all commercial documents and to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics and Principles of Fair Business Practices. Annual affirmation of the Code of Ethics, and enforcement by the AGTA, holds an AGTA Member to a stricter disclosure policy than required by the Federal Trade Commission.